Auto.Live Features

Service Scheduling

Customers can schedule new appointments from your dealership's website, their Auto.Live profile, or you can quickly add new appointments when customers call the BDC.

Check-In with Video Walk-Around

Find your customer in your appointment list, click start and begin taking a video to verify the vehicle's condition. All walk-around forms can be customized to suit your dealership, and videos eliminate false claims of damage.

Vehicle Inspection

Each inspection form can be customized, can include videos and images, and suggested services will automatically join estimate when their condition is marked as needing service.

Estimate Building

When you get to the estimate, it will come filled with customer requested services, services added from the inspection, and you'll have the ability to adjust labor time or rate, list the repair steps, or specify needed parts.

Parts Management

Your parts counter has a single list showing all repairs that require parts, and a second list to keep track of needed parts that are not on hand. Once your out-of-stock parts arrive, automated messages with links for service scheduling will be sent to your customer.

Service Advisor & Manager Overview

Follow your repair orders every step of the way to improve communication and create transparency. As an advisor or manager, you are responsible for contacting your customer, and Auto.Live helps you put your best foot forward.


Print customer invoices, request payment, mark invoices paid, and close invoices. Receive and manage payments through Auto.Live, and transfer online funds into your local bank account.


Automatic text, email, and internal notifications reduce stress and keep your entire service department and your customers aware of what's happening right now.

Direct Messaging

Direct messaging makes it easier for internal dialogue and for your customers to reach you, and you always have a record of the conversation.

Op Code Management

Import and manage your current operation codes, adjust the default labor type, or hide outdated codes.

Employee Role Management

Over 20 unique roles allow you to set each person's role based on their responsibility in the service department. Each role only has access to information that's relevant for them to complete their job.


Metrics allows Managers, Principals, and Owners to determine areas driving profits, while catching areas that need improvement.

CRM with Repair Tracking

Customer relationship management is the core of what Auto.Live offers, allowing your to keep your customers information up to date while tracking deferred repairs, and keeping an accessible line of communication open at all times.

Verified Reviews

Every review left for your dealership comes from someone who's had a service visit facilitated through Auto.Live.

CDK Sync

Sync repair orders between Auto.Live and CDK DMS to avoid errors, and save time.