Frequently Asked Questions

What is Auto.Live?

Auto.Live provides an easily-accessible end-to-end service department workflow management platform for franchise dealerships and their customers. Our tools make it easy for your dealership to manage communication with your customers before, during, and after service. Manage service scheduling, check-in, walk-around, inspection, estimates, customer approvals, warranty work, internal pay work, invoicing, syncing with CDK, direct messaging, notifications (email, text, internal), texting with your customer and more all with Auto.Live.

Will Auto.Live sell user data?

No, Auto.Live will not sell any user data.

Do I need to download or install Auto.Live?

No, Auto.Live runs in the cloud.

What do I need to use Auto.Live?

If you're using a mobile device make sure you are running the latest OS, and use the latest version of Google Chrome or Safari.

Do I have to create an account to use Auto.Live?

No, but if your dealership uses Auto.Live you are eligible to create a free account for viewing service records and direct messaging with your service advisor.

How much does Auto.Live cost?

Auto.Live is free for for dealership customers. If you own, manager or operate a dealership service department, fill out the demo request form and someone will reach out to show you what Auto.Live can do.

How do I access Auto.Live?

Auto.Live works on any device that can browse the Internet. It can be used on a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

What size is the Auto.Live profile cover image?

The cover image for your Auto.Live profile page works best at 950 pixels wide and 570 pixels tall (5:3 Aspect ratio).

How do I allow users to automatically connect to me?

Under your social page, select "Settings" and then "Profile". Here you can choose to have dealers, groups, or users connect to you without having to accept each request.

When can I rate a dealership?

When you have an Auto.Live account and you have service completed with an Auto.Live dealership. Keeping reviews transaction-based ensures the highest level of integrity, and one review can be left after your service visit.

How do I send a message?

During service, you can contact your dealership by clicking the link placed near the dealership's name on your Glove Box page during service. You can also access your messages by clicking the in the top nav.

What is Stripe?

Stripe is a secure system that allows businesses to accept and manage online payments. Auto.Live has utilized Stripe to ensure the safety and security of our users' information, and to allow for the best possible experience when transferring funds.

Will I need to create an account with Stripe?

If you are planning on receiving money through Auto.Live you will need to create an account with Stripe in order to transfer those funds into your bank account. Making payments on Auto.Live does not require a Stripe account, you can link a bank account or credit card in the "Wallet" section of your Payments tab.

How long does it take for funds to transfer to my Stripe account from Auto.Live?

The first time you withdraw funds from your Auto.Live account, it will take up to 7 days for Stripe to validate plus an additional 1-2 days for your bank to complete the transaction. After that, your funds can be pulled with minimal delay.

How do I know if my payments went through successfully?

To see a list of your transactions, you will need to log into your account at On your Dashboard you will see "Last Transfer" and "Next Transfer". Your Last Transfer is a transaction that has been completed and funds successfully transferred into your account. Next Transfer is your pending transaction. When you see funds in the Next Transfer section, you should see the same amount pending on your online bank statement. You can also view your payment history once logged in to Stripe under Transactions > Transfers.

Why hasn't my payment processed?

There are a few reasons why your payment may not have processed. Refer to the list below for some common reasons why your payment may be delayed:

  • Your bank routing information has been entered incorrectly.
  • It has not been 2 to 4 business days since you submitted your account for payment.
  • In some cases, Stripe treats the initial transfer of funds for a new account differently from subsequent transfers. In these situations, they wait for 7 days after your first successful charge before sending funds to your bank account. Delaying your first transfer for a few extra days allows Stripe to address some of the risks that are inherent in providing credit services to users.
  • Your bank's rules require a longer waiting period before transferring funds (contact your bank for more information).

For more information, please refer to Stripe's 'Getting Paid' page

Why do I need to link my bank account with Auto.Live?

In order to complete transactions you can use a credit card or add funds to your Auto.Live account balance. To fund your account, you will need to link your bank account and transfer money via ACH.

Can I withdraw funds from my Auto.Live Account using ACH transfer?

No. Linking your bank account for ACH transfers allows for one-way transfers from your bank account to your Auto.Live account balance only. This is NOT a way to withdraw funds from your Auto.Live account. Funds can only be withdrawn from a Auto.Live account using a linked Stripe account.

Can I use my credit card to make payments instead of linking my bank account for ACH transfers?

Yes. Please note that each credit card transaction will incur a 2.9% fee + 30 cents. To save on transaction fees, we recommend linking your bank account and transferring funds into your Auto.Live account balance via ACH. The ACH transfer fee is 0.8% that caps at $5, regardless of the amount transferred.

What fee does Auto.Live charge to transfer money or to make payments?

Auto.Live does NOT charge any fees for payments. The 2.9% + 30 cents credit card fee is from the credit card processing company and the 0.8%, ACH fee (capped at $5) is from Automated Clearing House.